Company Overview

“We cannot live only on the past glories and achievements of our great ancestors, the ancient Greeks…
We need – as modern Greeks – to live up to those great treasures we inherited, be inspired from these universal principles of Greek learning and philosophy and set this as our “spiritual heritage” for all our progress…

Μ​oreove​r,​ at present, in order to have greater chances to head to a success, we need to put our own ingredients to all thisheritage from the past and embody them to our present ​in​ our own way….”

Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing, that makes you feel unique…!!!

– Elizabeth Taylor

On the basis of this belief and mentality, ODYSSEUS G.P., has been successfully operating locally and ​ internationally, specializing in the area of fine jewelry, watches and precious gifts, for more than thirty years now.

ODYSSEUS, is an independent, private, family equity company, based in Greece and Turkiye, having at its management a dedicated, ​well-collaborating and​ hardworking, business team. At present and throughout its development, ODYSSEUS is focused on – and manages, to play ​key determinant roles – as successful wholesale representatives, in the development of brandnames, which they have the honor to cooperate with, as well as of​ their customers’ success and satisfaction.

ODYSSEUS stands clearly toward the attitude that actions show our real intentions and count much more than flamboyant words. Therefore by mentality, ODYSSEUS’ team, ​appreciates​ and adopts​ attitudes of humble profile. The company’s mission, is to enhance the creation of a rich business context across all spectrum of its commercial activity. Within that and with the contribution of ODYSSEUS, successful cooperation/partnerships and entrepreneurship between brandmames and customers, ​can take place and flourish, for the well-off of all parties involved,​ during the whole process of jewelry handling.

More specifically, ODYSSEUS’ areas of expertise, form a complex of the following objectives, such as, market research identification, market and sales development, marketing support and promotion of jewelry trade, seminars for ​jewelery ​staff sellers, customer service and customer support, aftersales service, entrepreneurship, partnerships.

Company’s History

ODYSSEUS G.P., is a family business – based in Greece, that counts many years of success, in the construction, trade and marketing support – mainly of brandname jewelry and luxury watches.

ODYSSEUS’ roots lie back some thirty years ago when its founder – Odysseus N. Kelpetsides, opened his first retail shop in Germany, at the prestigious area of Bad Homburg, Hessen, representing several of the most known worldwidely, high-end jewelry brandnames.

Some years later and after the success of this first shop, he opened his whole sale company in the same area of Germany, as he was driven by his vivid and authentic interest in precious stones, jewelry and watches, area of his studies and expertise.

Odysseus at Present

Odysseus N. Kelpetsides’ strong base of his german upbringing and living, together with his excellent studies as a ​jeweler, in Germany, as well as his lengthy and valuable experience in companies inside the Antwerp’s Diamond District – the world’s largest Diamond center​, inspired his entrepreneurial spirit. He decided to further expand his business to his beloved home country, Greece – and thus founded later on, his wholesale company ODYSSEUS, with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Antalya – Turkey. Odysseus Kelpetsides maintained its family business DNA and is proud that today, ODYSSEUS, is a modern company, which is further developed and headed by having as shareholders also, the three of his four beloved children too.

First entered into business ​his first born son, Nikolas Kelpetsides. Then the company was further expanded with the partnership of his second born daughter, Efi Kelpetsides and his third born son Konstantinos Kelpetsides – forming an experienced, well organized, flexible, active and dynamic team. ​Al​l ​members of the team, ​share a brandname concept ​in the area of​ fine jewelry and luxury watches market​. Amongst the team’s tasks, is to ​strategically build the marketing ​and the ​promot​ion of ​the ​trade of ​jewelry and watches​, ​emphasizing ​particular​ly​, on companies’/​customer​’s ​quality service and support​.

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