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How it all started

We trace the roots of Odysseus around 40 years ago in Germany, when Odysseus N. Kelpetsidis, having studied at the Goldschmiede Schule, a leading jewelry university, opened his first retail store, succeeding in introducing legendary brands such as Tiffany & Co. to Europe, and also standing out by winning 2nd place in a store design competition.

A few years later, with his entrepreneurial spirit active and driven by his genuine interest in precious stones, he decided to expand the business to his beloved homeland Greece, establishing the wholesale company Odysseus, with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Istanbul.

Odysseus today

Odysseas Kelpetsidis kept the family DNA in the business, which is now run by his four beloved children, Nikos Kelpetsidis, Efi Kelpetsidou, Konstantinos Kelpetsidis and Kalliopi Kelpetsidou.

Everyone’s specialization in different areas of the industry forms a well-organized, experienced, active, and dynamic team. With the experience and expertise of each individual member, Odysseus strategically promotes luxury jewelry and watch trade with an emphasis on unwavering customer service and guidance.