ΑΝΑΖΩ is a deluxe collection of religious jewellery made of 18K gold, precious and semi-precious stones. The collection is blessed in Greek Orthodox monasteries. ΑΝΑΖΩ comprises a male and a female collection. The male line features golden crosses and handcrafted bracelets that bear religious symbols such as the Cross, Crucified Jesus, and Pantocrator. The female collection comprises precious talismans and bracelets centered on the rose of Virgin Mary and the Cross. The crafting techniques combine contemporary methods of goldsmithing and silversmithing with the handcrafting techniques of monks in Christian monasteries. The bracelets of the collection echo the rosaries used in Christian prayer. They emit the distinctive aura of a talisman, focusing on the eternal. ΑΝΑΖΩ is created to remind us that we are the miracle of life. ANAZΩ collection supports the charity work of the Orthodox Church and monasteries.

ΑΝΑΖΩ, the name

The name ΑΝΑΖΩ derives from two Greek words, “Ανασα” (Breath) και “Ζωή” (Life) that allude to the process of regeneration. The word includes the Christian symbolism of Α & Ω. The designer of the collection, Odysseas Kelpetsidis, created ΑΝΑΖΩ as a symbol of every person’s quest for spirituality and internal truth.

ANAZΩ, the inspiration

ΑΝΑΖΩ humbly reminds/reminisces us the connection of humans with God. It identifies the endless desire for rebirth/regeneration with the spiritual quest of Christianity. The collection honors the symbols of Christianity. The eternal quality of the sacred symbols encounters the eternal life of precious stones, underlining the significance of what we consider valuable in our life.

Made/Crafted in the most distinguished workshops in Europe

Each jewel of the ΑΝΑΖΩ collection is manufactured in the most distinguished jewelry ateliers in Europe, where the most established brands operate, following the highest standards in design and manufacturing specifications. The workshops we select/collaborate with are committed to ethical jewelry practices and comply with the Kimberley Process.

Serial number

Every ANAZΩ jewel features serial number, which guarantees/validates its uniqueness.


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