Bovet 1822

The history of the house Bovet is interspersed by innovative concepts, ingenious developments and patents which have contributed to the evolution of haute horlogerie. From the Duplex escapement of the pocket watches manufactured by the Bovet brothers in the 19th century to the six patents of the Braveheart Tourbillon presented in 2015, developments are always aimed at improving precision and the reliability while delivering user-friendliness and complications adapted to their time and to the collectors’ needs.

The organization established today by Pascal Raffy, approaches the development of each new watch by considering it as an entity and not the assembly of various elements. The artisans creating the movements, dials and cases work together from the genesis of every project. They define at first the ideal timepiece meeting the specifications. Once the global drawing of the watch is finalized, they undertake various phases of development and prototype.





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