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Characteristic jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship have made Carrera y Carrera a benchmark in the world of fine jewelry; the Company is recognized as one of the 30 most prestigious jewelry firms in the world. The brand has become an icon of luxury due to its distinctive style, imaginative designs, and magnificent jewelry pieces where gold and precious stones come to life.


Spanish designer Daniel Calvo is the top creative authority for Carrera y Carrera’s fine jewellery collections, which are handmade in their Madrid workshops. Calvo’s unique creative sense is the combined result of his love of Art Nouveau and his passion for fantasy literature. As a child, he was immersed in the world of jewellery making, his father’s profession. His own career took off at the age of 22, when he launched his first collection. Since then, Calvo has gone on to create unique models and distinctive designs, providing to his previous brand, Magerit with his unmistakable style. He takes his inspiration from mythology, ancient civilizations, and nature, but always with a touch of fantasy. Throughout his career, Calvo has received numerous awards in recognition of his original designs, most recently the People’s Choice Award at the 2014 Las Vegas Couture Design Awards. His unique vision of jewellery design consists of always including a dose of passion in his creations, to form enduring works of art. His great expertise in artistic design and his great knowledge of the brand makes Daniel the perfect candidate for lead the Carrera y Carrera design team and recover its initial essence.


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Aqua Earrings

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