Pasquale Bruni

The iconic Pasquale Bruni stone-setting method combines the expertise of master artisans with the perfect harmony of gold and selected gems, creating a sheer fabric of shimmering stones. The creations of Pasquale Bruni are made with precious metals. Gold in the colours of yellow, white or pink is made up of an alloy with 750 parts of fine gold, meaning 18 carats.
A piece of jewellery created by Pasquale Bruni is more than a simple precious object, it is a work of art that charms with its minute details. It reflects every woman and tells every woman’s story. It speaks of character and seduction, grace and femininity, dreams and mystery, force and passion. Through symbols, irresistible forms and suggestive colours it communicates beauty, love, stars and dreams, sun and light, flowers and poetry. A magical and enigmatic world. The world of Pasquale Bruni.



Lakshmi Ring and Bracellet 15859R


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