Tatiana Fabergé

Tatiana Fedorovna Fabergé, the daughter of Theodore Carl Fabergé, studied jewellery design in Paris. After completing her studies she assisted her father in the sketching and launching of jewellery and other fine objects which were produced under the trademark ”FABERGÉ PARIS”. This successful family collaboration lasted until Théodore’s death in 1971. Since then she has been researching the family history and promoting its heritage and her publications and books on Carl Fabergé are considered the most reliable sources of knowledge for the greatest jewellery family in the world. She has now left the eponymous company. This personal legacy and passion for jewellery has been the inspiration for our latest collection the “Saint Petersburg Tsars Collection”. This includes some original designs by her great grandfather Peter Carl Fabergé who is renowned for the jewellery he created for the Russian Tsars.



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